Thursday, December 15, 2011

Week Twelve

My time at Fairplay Stone Carvers has come to an end. It was exciting to be part of the many projects Nick had going on, and to even see projects such as the Bowery Bank project on to completion. I learned a lot more about the trade and am grateful for such a rare opportunity.

Ours stones installed at the Bowery Bank in New York

I left right in the middle of the Dollar Bank job, and I am excited to see how that job ends up. When I left Miy stone was only about half done (looks like poor Michael is going to have to clean up my mess).

My stone as I left it

Nick's stone
Micheal's stone

It was a good thing I left when I did. Winter was beginning to make its advances on my camp. This made life a little colder and without water it was a little more difficult to live in.

Winter is here.
 I began some of the detail on my Coyote skull but it still has a lot of work til completion.

Detail on the rope and wheat.

Its been good Ohio, and I hope to see you again soon.

Saying Goodbye to all my dear friends

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  1. Sooo... Kyle, you haven't posted in your blog very recently. would you care to share a bit about your life and what you've been learning lately?