Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Week Ten

The Glamorous life of a stone carver.......

Ah, Ten o'clock tea, as you can see sanitation is not our greatest strength

This last week was much of the same. Cutting facets into my block in order to create a round surface. Trying to carve level planes is slow going for novice as  myself but all this repetition is proving to be good practice.

 I finally got the facets done and rounded the stone into a half cylinder
Nick and poor old Tricksy

I am still chipping away at my sculpture. Working my way around the coyote skull and trying to coax it out of the stone, nice'n easy like... mostly I'm just a little scared to make to many definite markings until I understand the shapes of the skull. I'm almost done with rough first layer though, and I will soon begin to bringing the details out.
working my way around the back

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